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10 Additional Measures

5 out of these 10 must also be met:

In addition to these fifteen mandates, the medical practice must also demonstrate usage of five of the following ten criteria:

  1. Implement a drug-formulary check system
  2. Incorporate laboratory and testing data as part of the EMR structure
  3. Ability to generate listings of patients sorted by specific conditions, for use in quality improvement, research, outreach or trending
  4. Use of EMR technology in order to identify educational resources specific to patient medical status and provide to patients as necessary (a minimum of 10% of the time)
  5. The provision of medication reconciliation between care providers or medical settings (a minimum of 50% of the time)
  6. Provide a summary of care record for any patients being transferred to another medical provider or alternative medical setting (a minimum of 50% of the time)
  7. The submission of electronic immunization records to any required local registries along with at least one test of the EMR capability to do so
  8. Submit to public health officials an electronic record of any trending or syndromic health issues along with at least one test of the EMR capability to do so
  9. Forward medical reminders to patients as per the patient preference for preventative and/or follow-up care (a minimum of 20% of the time with those over age 65 and under age 5)
  10. Allow patient with timely access to their own health records (a minimum of 10% of the time)

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