Cardiology Billing Services

Increase your revenue by 7.5% & decrease your time in A/R with medical billing services tailored to Cardiologists, like you. We help practices of all shapes & sizes nationwide serve patients more profitably with first-in-class medical billing services.

When it comes to cardiology medical billing and coding, it’s critical to have specialized knowledge of the field. Accurate and efficient cardiology coding requires education on updates and changes in the cardiology industry. Those who perform cardiology billing and coding are faced with constantly evolving technology and treatment, which are coupled with constantly evolving changes in cardiology billing and coding regulations. When cardiology practices have top-notch billing services, their overall bottom line is positively impacted.

In a cardiology setting, billing providers need to be able to read and abstract physician operative notes. This is a key component for efficient and profitable billing and coding procedures. At Quest National Services, we work diligently to apply correct CPT, ICD-9-CPM, and HCPCS Level II assignments. We have specialized experience in coding the wide range of surgical procedures that are commonly performed by cardiologists.

These procedures include coronary interventions, heart catheterization, peripheral vascular procedures, pacemakers, and the like. Cardiologists can rest assured knowing that the complexities of their practice will be accurately reflected in their medical billing and coding using QuestNS’ expertise and services.

What sets QuestNS apart from our competitors is the value we place on ensuring that your medical billing process is as smooth, quick, and profitable as possible. When any uncertain information is encountered, our team will work closely with your office to clarify the issue as soon as possible before submitting the claim. We ensure a quick and accurate billing process by preventing unnecessary balancing and billing. As a result, cardiology patients are more satisfied, which equates to a more successful cardiology practice.

Medicare and COB

We understand the intricacies of managing cardiology billing and coding for patients who receive Medicare coverage or are covered by multiple policies. We have extensive knowledge of Medicare billing and coding to ensure that cardiologist practices don’t experience issues with claims submission and reimbursement. We’re also well-versed in coordination of benefits (COB) procedures for those patients who require more complex billing services.

We pay special attention to critical changes in the industry that will inevitably affect the billing and coding process. It’s critical to have consistent knowledge of treatment changes such as in-office imaging, Doppler and other echo services, and implanted devices’ follow-up procedures.

Billing Experts

The cardiology billing process requires knowledge and diligence in coding, general billing procedures, and proper modifier application. We know what it takes to bolster a cardiology practice through effective billing and coding, and we strive to help these practices flourish in today’s competitive medical environment.

QuestNS Assistance Advantage

At QuestNS, we understand that the goal of a cardiology office is to provide top-notch care for patients that are suffering from difficult kidney conditions. Our goal is aligned with this, and we strive to clear away the mundane tasks in order to allow the medical experts to focus on the medical aspects of the practice. Our experts also work hard to ensure the highest degree of return from services performed so that practices can continue to function at optimal levels and offer patients the very best cardiology services.

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Increase Your Billing Efficiency

Our experienced team of billing professionals is trained on all software systems, so we can handle whatever you currently use. We specialize in the technical side of the business, such as medical billing & coding, claim denials & rejections, accounts receivable, patient collections, and much more, so that you don’t have to worry about anything besides your patients’ wellbeing.

Software Specialized For Your Practice

We offer a variety of software choices from more than 15 of the top medical software developers so you can tailor your software to exactly what your practice needs. Our comprehensive systems make it easier for you and your patients with the inclusion of training, implementation, billing system integration, automatic patient reminders, E-prescribing, medication tracking, and a patient portal.

Our Software

We believe you should be able to continue working with software that is transparent and that you are familiar with. Our medical billing services allow you to use your existing software so that there is no downtime, no training, and no additional costs. This allows you to serve your patients more profitably. Whether you’re on one of the many preferred systems shown above or are on another web-based solution – one of our consultants will be more than happy to discuss options of increasing your efficiency while decreasing your expenses.

CollaborateMDEPICMediSoftNEXTGENIntergyKareoCareCloudAllScriptsGE CentricityMediTouchAdvancedMDeClinicalWorksOur Software Solution Brands for Medical Billing Services

HIPAA Compliance Solutions

Our HIPAA compliance solutions allow you and your patients to be worry-free about the state of their sensitive data and information.

ICD-10 Coding

Our experienced coders work with every medical specialty and also provide physician and staff ICD-10 training.

Medical Billing

Our HIPAA compliant, web-based filing improves the efficiency of your practice’s workflow without compromising safety or security.

Local Customer Service

Our local consultants and employees are able to provide a local, hands-on approach to customer service with the resources and expertise that comes with a national company.

EMR/EHR Software

We will work with your existing EMR so you can keep the system you’re happy with or help you find a new one.

Monthly "Check-Ups"

Our monthly reviews allow us to partner with each of our customers to ensure efficiency in all areas.

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