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Mental Health Billing Service

Mental Health Billing Services

Increase your revenue by 7.5% & decrease your time in A/R with medical billing services tailored to Mental Health practitioners, like you. We help practices of all shapes & sizes nationwide serve patients more profitably with first-in-class medical billing services.

Billing for mental health needs differs greatly from billing for medical services. Mental health professionals often operate on a smaller budget than medical facilities, and many offices employ a small staff. Taking on the billing needs of patients can stretch counselors and staff members thin, which can affect customer service.

Relegating little time to billing and coding procedures can be highly detrimental to offices specializing in mental health services, as insurance companies will quickly deny a claim that is not filed or coded properly. Outsourcing mental health billing can allow offices to focus on patient services and practice expansion, while seeing higher returns for services provided.

Insurance companies are cutting back on mental health coverage more than most other types of coverage. These constant changes can be difficult to keep up with and can leave patients feeling slighted when previously covered services are no longer covered. Our billing experts at Quest National Services can help walk office staff and counselors through insurance and filing changes so that all charges are understood and communicated prior to claims filing. We can also help offices to separate charges that may be covered under other portions of health insurance, such as medication for anxiety.

QuestNS can assist mental health offices in billing for the treatment of a variety of conditions, including:

  • Anorexia
  • Substance abuse
  • PTSD
  • ADHD
  • OCD
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Suicidality
Allowing QuestNS to handle billing needs can give smaller mental health offices the confidence necessary to accept health insurance for services or to expand the range of insurance companies that are accepted. Accepting health insurance for mental health services is a great way to bring in new patients and help existing patients to combat financial stresses, which can lead to longer patient relationships. Our billing experts have the experience necessary to ensure that accepting insurance will be a gainful endeavor.
Mental health billing can be a complicated process that is made even more complex when insurance companies are involved. Insurance companies may require claims to be filed electronically or to a specific department and may deny the claim if it is sent in the wrong format or to the wrong department.

Some health insurance companies even outsource mental health coverage, requiring claims to be sent to the outside service. These considerations may make it next to impossible for small mental health offices to pursue denied claims when handling billing procedures. However, QuestNS will work diligently on each bill that is sent to ensure the highest rate of collection and revenue for the office.

Getting Started

If you’re a psychologist, QuestNS’ monthly minimum fees start at $950 per month and include our web-based electronic practice management software. This fee requires the office’s staff to enter all authorizations and patient demographics as well as all charges into our web-based system. Our team will focus on ensuring timely payments, clean claim submission, and denial management allowing you and your staff to focus on patient care.

QuestNS Assistance Advantage

At QuestNS, we understand that the goal of a mental health office is to provide top-notch care for patients that are suffering from difficult kidney conditions. Our goal is aligned with this, and we strive to clear away the mundane tasks in order to allow the medical experts to focus on the medical aspects of the practice. Our experts also work hard to ensure the highest degree of return from services performed so that practices can continue to function at optimal levels and offer patients the very best mental health services.

Our Software

CollaborateMDEPICMediSoftNEXTGENIntergyKareoCareCloudAllScriptsGE CentricityMediTouchAdvancedMDeClinicalWorksOur Software Solution Brands for Medical Billing Services

Whether you’re on one of the many preferred systems shown above or are on another web-based solution – one of our consultants will be more than happy to discuss options of increasing your efficiency while decreasing your expenses. If you’re practice is in need of a new EMR or Practice Management/Billing Software, reach out to us today to take advantage of the discounts Quest National Services can bring to your practice.

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