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Ophthalmology Billing Services

Increase your revenue by 7.5% & decrease your time in A/R with medical billing services tailored to Ophthalmologists, like you. We help practices of all shapes & sizes nationwide serve patients more profitably with first-in-class medical billing services.

Family medicine is a unique type of medical practice, because family physicians focus on a patient’s wellness in its entirety. Family practice offices are often small and privately owned. This means that every dollar coming through the door counts and every minute of physicians’ and staff members’ time is important.
Medical billing and coding errors can take valuable employee time away from patients and can ultimately cost the office money. Quest National Services provides the assistance with medical billing and coding that family practice offices need to ensure that time is not being wasted. More importantly – your office is receiving the returns it deserves based on the quality medical care your office provides!
Unlike specialists, family physicians are skilled at recognizing and treating many different types of ailments and injuries in patients of all ages. Family medicine also differs from other types of specialists because children and elderly patients can be seen and entire families often see the same doctor for added comfort and stability. Most family physicians are skilled in the areas of gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, internal medicine, geriatrics, and psychology.

Unique Billing Challenges

The range of services available at family practice offices makes it very difficult for physicians and staff to stay on top of the correct and current coding for all of the procedures and tests provided to a given patient. We often find that physicians begin using certain codes that are seen as “safe” in many different scenarios because they consistently go unchallenged by insurance companies. Family practice offices may lose revenues due to this improper coding. QuestNS professionals can help offices that practice family medicine to spot and correct these types of mistakes, and can educate physicians and staff on the reasoning behind using one code over another. QuestNS can also report back to the office on the amount of dollars saved from spotting these types of issues.

Hiring a medical billing company can save staff members countless hours and headaches trying to research ever-changing regulations. It can also save offices the embarrassment of being found not in compliance, in addition to any financial penalties that may result. In the case of an audit, Quest National Services will dedicate additional hours of support to assist family practice offices through the audit process.

QuestNS Assistance Advantage

At QuestNS, we understand that the goal of a Ophthalmology office is to provide top-notch care for patients that are suffering from difficult eye conditions. Our goal is aligned with this, and we strive to clear away the mundane tasks in order to allow the medical experts to focus on the medical aspects of the practice. Our experts also work hard to ensure the highest degree of return from services performed so that practices can continue to function at optimal levels and offer patients the very best Ophthalmology services.

Our Software

CollaborateMDEPICMediSoftNEXTGENIntergyKareoCareCloudAllScriptsGE CentricityMediTouchAdvancedMDeClinicalWorksOur Software Solution Brands for Medical Billing Services

Whether you’re on one of the many preferred systems shown above or are on another web-based solution – one of our consultants will be more than happy to discuss options of increasing your efficiency while decreasing your expenses. If you’re practice is in need of a new EMR or Practice Management/Billing Software, reach out to us today to take advantage of the discounts Quest National Services can bring to your practice.

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