Pathology Billing Service

Pathology Medical Billing Service

Increase your revenue by 7.5% & decrease your time in A/R with medical billing services tailored to Pathologists, like you. We help practices of all shapes & sizes nationwide serve patients more profitably with first-in-class medical billing services.

Pathologists and laboratory technicians face special challenges when it comes to medical billing for services due to the removed nature of pathology in terms of patient contact. Pathology and laboratory services are typically performed for hospitals, primary care offices, or other medical facilities using only the specimen and the information about the patient that has been provided by the medical facility.

The lack of contact with patients can lead to many types of errors in both basic personal information and insurance information when it comes to billing for pathology services. Quest National Services takes pride in resolving these types of errors and streamlining the pathology billing process so that pathology offices can achieve the highest revenue capacity possible.

In addition to the challenges presented by limited patient contact, pathology offices also face time and space limitations. Most pathology offices run with very limited staff, which can mean that pathologists are taking precious time away from analyzing and diagnosing in order to complete clerical work. Pathologists wishing to expand client base may wish to hire staff to complete these tasks but may find that space is limited.

By utilizing the services provided by Quest, pathology practices can rest easy knowing that billing needs are being taken care of off-site by trained professionals, saving space, time, and stress. Pathologists will also never have to worry about clerical staffing shortages or other complications that may arise from depending on internal billing staff.

While billing is our main service, we also offer services that are complimentary to pathology billing. We typically start our partnership by doing an office evaluation and examining the procedures, software, and filing methods used to document each patient’s pathology work.

After this initial examination, our experts work closely with pathologists and office staff to implement systems and software that will help to increase efficiency and organization, while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. Once a system has been established, our experts will pay particular attention to each case to ensure the accuracy of patient information and make sure that documentation formatting is in line with the requirements of insurance providers.

Follow Up Services

Quest’s responsibility to pathology offices does not end with bill submission, however. If a claim is denied we will work closely with the insurance company, office staff, and if necessary patient to correct any misinformation and appeal the decision. We will also contact patients in order to collect payments which are due. We understand the highly sensitive nature of laboratory testing, and will use the utmost professionalism when speaking to patients.   

QuestNS Assistance Advantage

At QuestNS, we understand that the goal of a pathology office is to provide top-notch care for patients that need a blood sample taken or analyzed. Our goal is aligned with this, and we strive to clear away the mundane tasks in order to allow the medical experts to focus on the medical aspects of the practice. Our experts also work hard to ensure the highest degree of return from services performed so that practices can continue to function at optimal levels and offer patients the very best pathology services.

Our Software

CollaborateMDEPICMediSoftNEXTGENIntergyKareoCareCloudAllScriptsGE CentricityMediTouchAdvancedMDeClinicalWorksOur Software Solution Brands for Medical Billing Services

Whether you’re on one of the many preferred systems shown above or are on another web-based solution – one of our consultants will be more than happy to discuss options of increasing your efficiency while decreasing your expenses. If you’re practice is in need of a new EMR or Practice Management/Billing Software, reach out to us today to take advantage of the discounts Quest National Services can bring to your practice.