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Primary Care Billing Service

Primary Care Medical Billing Services

Primary Care Billing Services

Billing & Coding Help:

Primary care physicians offer an array of services for patients. For many patients, primary care physicians are the only doctors that are seen for medical needs. With the attention that is needed to ensure continued quality health care for patients, taking care of medical billing and clerical tasks may prevent primary care offices from growing and taking on more patients. QuestNS can provide the assistance with these tasks that primary care offices need, so that physicians and staff are free to focus on patients instead of paperwork.

Primary Care Services

Primary care physicians are often seen for the purposes of health maintenance and counseling, and thus must be savvy in many different aspects of health care. Primary care physicians are also often the first point of medical contact for patients that have begun exhibiting symptoms and wish to find out more about an ailment or injury. Patients depend on primary care physicians to diagnose and treat conditions of all types, and to recognize conditions that must be handled by a specialist.

Medical services that primary care practices may offer include:

  • Disease prevention
  • Treatment for chronic illnesses
  • Scan tests and other diagnostic testing
  • Routine physical examinations
  • OBGYN and prenatal care
  • Basic treatment for illnesses or injuries
  • Referrals to specialists such as neurologists, podiatrists, or chiropractors

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Primary Care Billing Assistance

With so many services offered at primary care offices, it can be difficult to memorize the complex series of codes necessary for billing and filing claims. For smaller offices, this may take staff members’ valuable time away from customer service. For larger offices, medical billing may become a full-time job. Having QuestNS handle these services makes sense, no matter what the size of the office.

Error Reduction Advantage

The medical billing and coding system is constantly being updated. Our staff members are experts when it comes to the most current coding, rules, and procedures. This can help to reduce the number of errors and thereby claims rejections. Having fewer errors means that claims and bills are processed faster and more efficiently, putting money to the bottom line sooner and allowing primary care physicians to provide superior care for an increasing number of patients.

Follow-Up Services

Our services do not stop with the first bill and claim submission. When claims are paid, we review the details to make sure that the amounts paid match the amounts that the insurance company is responsible for. If this amount is not correct or if a claim is unfairly rejected, we will pursue the matter until it is handled in a satisfactory manner.

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