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Medical Staffing Services

Our goal at QuestNS’ Staffing Services is to combine our healthcare and recruiting experience. Our founder Adam Nager has been a leader in the healthcare staffing industry since 2001. Our team has been servicing both government and private sector healthcare clients through a variety of needs.

Whether your practice is seeking a front desk employee with specialized training on any number of systems, or an experienced biller that can oversee your day to day collections – QuestNS’ Staffing Services can support your practice!

Our unique experience provides value where traditional staffing services fall flat – we’ve been in the billing industry since 2008 – we know and understand the characteristics needed for a long-term biller. We know the technical skills required to be a successful team member in a billing department.

Traditional staffing services follow a simple formula – source resumes, parse resumes for valid keywords contained within the resumes sourced, screen candidates asking basic questions (why did you leave your last employer, what are you looking for in a new position,) submit candidates for review, collect their fee – typically between 15%-25%.

QuestNS’ Staffing Services is different – our process is: we source resumes, we parse resumes looking for specific skill sets based on each of our client’s needs, we do a thorough online assessment – (this assessment combines several components of billing including charge entry, posting of EOBs, and working A/R). Once this assessment is completed, a member of Quest Staffing Services does an additional screening (either in-person or via web camera). Only after each of these steps are successfully completed are candidates presented for review by our client. Once a candidate is selected, an initial phone or in-person interview is scheduled at the practice.

We believe in quality – not quantity. Over 75% of our clients hire a candidate within the first 4 resumes presented saving the practice time and allowing the practice to focus on what they’re best at – providing quality care to the patients they treat.