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5 Common Mistakes Neurology Practices Make With Their Medical Billing

Maximize profit by avoiding these common errors
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Jul 4, 2022

Without successful medical billing, no practice would remain in business for long. Unfortunately, many neurology practices are making billing mistakes that are negatively impacting their revenue.

Mistake #1

Codes Aren’t Specific Enough

If you file with codes that are too general, you could be missing out on collections. The more specific you can be with your coding, the more you may be able to earn in revenue.


Guarantee more specific coding by hiring professionals to handle your billing.

Mistake #2

Codes Aren’t Accurate

Inaccurate codes can delay collections or even result in claims getting denied entirely. If you file with the wrong codes habitually, then you could get flagged for insurance fraud and trigger an audit.


Ensure accurate billing by outsourcing your filing to a professional.

Mistake #3

Insurance Isn’t Verified Often Enough

Patients change insurance companies whenever they change jobs or if their company has switched providers. If your neurology practice doesn’t have the latest insurance information, you could end up billing the wrong company and delaying collections.


Every time a patient comes in, ask them whether their insurance information has changed.

Mistake #4

Claims Aren’t Filed on Time

Timely claim filing is important because your neurology practice could miss out on collections if you miss deadlines. This is because late filings could be rejected by the insurance companies.


Choose one staff member to always handle claim filing.

Mistake #5

Patients Are Underbilled

If your staff aren’t completely trained in accurate coding and medical billing rules, then they may be underbilling your patients. Your practice could be losing out on collections and profit because of this mistake.


Train your staff on the latest, most accurate codes and billing rules.

Outsource Your Medical Billing to Maximize Profits

One way to maximize your practice’s profits is to outsource your medical billing to an external billing company. This will help to reduce filing mistakes and ensure that your time is freed up to spend more time with patients.

Work with an expert medical billing team

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