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EMR/EHR Software

Every practice is different. Our software has you covered, no matter what.

Quest National Services’ EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Record) is an easy to implement, comprehensive software solution that fulfills a wide variety of needs. Our software is unique for a few reasons: it’s comprehensive, easy to use, and easy to implement. Electronic medical records can be needless source of frustration for your practice, and our software’s comprehensive features and staged implementation process ensure your ability to seamlessly integrate our EMR solution into your practice


Simplify Your Workflow

Input data however works best for you

Managing electronic medical records can be a source of nonstop headaches. From cumbersome interfaces to unintuitive file organization to a lack of flexibility, some EMR software options leave a lot to be desired. Our EMR system has over 250 template options, along with dictation, handwritten text options, and a streamlined document management system to make sure all of your files are in the right place. We’ve specifically designed our system to maximize usability and flexibility, so that you can configure our software in a way that works towards your unique needs.

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Reduce Documentation Errors

Integrate documentation seamlessly into your practice, and decrease errors

Our software’s emphasis on flexible input options means that you can choose to manage your data in the way that is proven to work for you – not the way that someone else has decided is best. The medical environment is ever-changing and requires flexibility, and that is what our software emphasizes above all else. With this at the forefront of our design, our goal is to let the software meld into the background, so you can focus on the data itself to maximize accuracy.

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Everything You Need, All In One Place

Features that take it beyond a traditional EMR system

Unfortunately, many EMR systems are woefully limited in their scope. Electronic medical records systems aren’t of much use if they’re hard to cross-reference, or aren’t able to process or analyze all of the types of information that your practice deals with every day. Our software emphasizes a comprehensive and flexible set of features, so that you won’t be left hanging when something unexpected comes along. Whether you use all of the features or just some, our goal is to give you the options to integrate this software into your daily practice in a way that brings your goals to life.

Among the features available are electronic submission, coding (E&M Coding Calculator) and submission to your billing system, medication profile and history recall, orders, including staff orders and referral coordinator orders, referral notes faxed back to PCP, vitals with CDC growth charts and graphing, and lab results with trend graphing and automated result gathering from both LabCorp and Quest. This is nowhere near a complete list, but offers you a glimpse at some of the unique features that our software provides you with.

Drug-Drug interactions

See how a patient’s drug prescriptions interact with each other

Drug-Allergy warnings

All of a patient’s drug allergies are clearly displayed

Electronic submission

Submit and transfer your records to billing and elsewhere once they’re complete

Coding Calculator

Calculate and submit CPT codes directly from your EMR system

Allergies and immunizations

All allergy and immunization history is easily available

Medication profile and history recall

All relevant medication information is organized and readily available at every stage

Orders including Staff Orders and Referral Coordinator Orders

Easily direct the next stages of your patient’s care

Referral Notes Faxed back to PCP

Simplified and quick communication between you and the patient’s PCP

Alerts and Tasks

All of your necessary alerts and reminders in one place

Analyzer (reporting and query tool)

Easily search and analyze all of your extant records

Vitals with CDC Growth Charts and Graphing

Access to this basic information with graphing capabilities built-in for easy comparison

Lab Results with Trend Graphing

Results are gathered automatically from both LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics

What our clients are saying

“We were a busy Urological group with four clinicians and had just been informed by our Medical Billing Service that they were closing their operation. We needed to associate with a new service quickly. We heard about Quest through our IPA, an organization where I am on the board. Quest was interested in working with more practices in our area and had a very good local and national reputation.

Adam and his team promptly visited with us. We had also met with other services but it became clear that Quest would be our choice. Quest was knowledgeable, hands-on, transparent, flexible, and ready to move ahead quickly. As promised, things did move ahead quickly and seamlessly.

Things have continued to work out well. In retrospect, Quest has been far superior to our previous billing service. It has been a pleasure to work with Adam and his team. I would recommend Quest without reservation.”

Roderick Crocker, MD

Urologist, Cambridge Urological Associates

“Quest National Services and Adam have been vital to the success of the Highland OBGYN practice. Quest National was able to take on our account in a very quick manner and has transitioned our practice from one software to another with little down time ultimately saving our practice tens of thousands of dollars. The team at Quest National have been the partners my growing OBGYN practice has needed. Most important for me is their ability to provide us redundancy when we otherwise wouldn’t have it. I couldn’t be more thankful for their dedication to our practice.”

Mark Lowney

OB/GYN, Southcoast Health

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