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Frequently asked questions

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How does Quest National Services charge for their services?

Given the complexity of the services provided, each of our clients are charged differently. For our standard medical billing and coding services, expect to be charged a percentage of your collections between 5.0% to 8.0%

I am currently filing paper claims. When I transfer to Quest’s medical billing services, will my claims really get paid faster?

Most definitely. Electronic claims are always processed before paper claims, and because of the electronic tracking methods in place, the insurance companies can not claim they never received your claims. With our technology, your claims can settle with money in your account in a little as 7 days. In addition, tracking payments is easier than ever!

By what Human & Health Services guidelines does Quest National Services follow as a third-party medical billing company?

What are the costs of keeping billing in-house?

An often overlooked cost of keeping your medical billing team inhouse is the ongoing education costs of classes and seminars. At Quest, we handle all of that cost ourselves, so we are always keeping up-to-date on medical billing. That way, you get the benefit without having to pay extra for it.

How much does a medical billing team cost?

Medical billing companies often charge a percentage of your collections, so you only pay when you get paid.

Does outsourcing medical billing decrease time in A/R?

Fewer days in A/R can mean less stress for you, and it can allow you more focus on growing your practice. Removing staffing problems and other practice-related issues with outsourcing allows you to have fewer days in A/R.

What are red flags when hiring a medical billing company?

Not all medical billing companies are reliable and trustworthy. Look out for these red flags when hiring a medical billing company:

  • Offering an all or nothing service
  • Charging expensive setup fees.