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Coding Services for Sleep Center Providers

Sleep Center Medical Billing

Medical Billing for sleep centers is an entirely unique process that has very little overlap with sleep center billing for other types of healthcare. While coders and billers who worked at a hospital may be able to transition to working at a pediatrician’s office fairly easily, this isn’t the case for sleep centers. It requires a specialized team of experts. Our team is equipped with the knowledge required to put your mind at ease. From unique sleep-related codes that aren’t used elsewhere to complex and novel bundling regulations, our team is here to provide you with top level care.
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Never Worry About G Codes Again

G codes used in billing for home sleep apnea tests are a big area of confusion for many in the industry. Different insurance companies will accept different codes for the same procedures. Our team is informed and organized, so they always know which CPT code or G code to use when this situation arises.

Stay On Top of Actiography Bundling

Actiographical testing can be part of a wider swathe of testing, but isn’t always. Despite the procedure remaining the same, sleep center coding regulations aren’t so simple. Our team understands issues like this that are unique to sleep centers, so we’ll always bill separately when possible, and bundle when required.
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We Bill EEG Service Correctly the First Time Around

Polysomnogram service requires EEG service, which means these two have to be billed together. Using anything other than 95810 or 95811 for these combined services can result in billing errors, delays, and audit issues down the line. Out team puts this and other errors to rest, resulting is less follow-up work and quicker revenue for your practice.

Yes, We Handle Movement Disorders as Well

Coding for movement disorders is notoriously tricky. Some have codes and some don’t, and the situation is likely to change as time goes on. Our team understands how to handle the wide range of issues this can bring up. From things like sleep related rhythmic movement disorder to proper diagnostic coding of leg cramps and restless leg syndrome, we’re there for you at every stage.
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Quest’s specialty sleep center medical billing services are increasing revenue & decreasing clearinghouse rejections for our clients. On average our clients are reporting an:

Increase First-Pass Claim Resolutions Rates to 90% & Above: Quest’s medical billing solution is reducing data entry errors & clearinghouse rejections below the national average. By consistently analyzing and optimizing claims procedures, Quest National Services is ensuring our sleep center practices are getting paid First Pass rates, and getting paid faster.

Increase Net Collection Rates To 95%-99%: Leveraging an efficient submission process and following up on outstanding amounts from patients and carriers means that Quest National Services is ensuring that rightly due claims do not go uncollected.

Increase Reimbursements by 10% – 20%: With an increase in FPA & decrease in overdue and outstanding revenue, sleep centers are seeing a 10-20% increase in cash flow almost immediately. Reduce your stress by outsourcing to Quest.

Your success is our success

Sleep center medical billing is a complex field, with extremely unique codes and ever-changing billing regulations between insurance providers. From PAP therapy to sleep apnea diagnoses, we know that your job is even more complex, and our goal is to free your team to focus on serving your patients. From parasomnia diagnoses to polysomnography, we’ve got your claims covered.
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Keep your focus on your patients

Our practice is equipped with state of the art billing software which can work with nearly any hospital or clinic’s Electronic Medical Record systems. Submitting your claims to the proper payer will be a quick and efficient process tailor made to translate to consistent, robust revenue for your practice. We’ll help you stop worrying about claims pick-up, office clutter, and slow payment.
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How we can help

Our partnership with you involves educating ourselves on any contracts that your practice has signed. This includes claims address, denial appeal process, claims reimbursement rates, capitation rates, and any additional details specific to your practice that can lead to increased revenue. We are experts in sleep center claims appeal and will put in the effort to appeal any claim that is not processed according to your contracts. We consider ourselves an extension of every practice we serve, and you can rely on us for consistent, professional and timely claims processing. We also provide you with routine reports for your review, and are available to discuss your business at your convenience so that we can move forward together.
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Increase your revenue

Serve Patients More Profitably

At QuestNS, we understand that the goal of your practice is to provide top-notch care for patients that are suffering from difficult and complex conditions. We align ourselves with this goal, and strive to clear away the mundane tasks in order to allow the medical experts to focus on the medical aspects of the practice. Our experts also work hard to ensure the highest degree of return from services performed so that practices can continue to function at optimal levels and offer patients the very best sleep center services.