Medical Billing & Coding Services

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Billing & Coding Software Services

At Quest National Services, we offer a full range of medical billing and coding software services. We understand that all medical offices and practices are not created equally. We work with each of our clients to align a customized medical billing and coding process that meets all needs and wishes with quality care. We work to assess each practice’s needs to provide the optimal medical billing and coding solution alongside top-notch customer service.

Partial or Complete Outsourcing

Do you have a specific aspect of your medical billing and coding that your staff does not have time to perform well? QuestNS can become an extension of your staff and expertly perform these billing tasks. As a result, we work to greatly increase your effectiveness in revenue cycle management.

Ultimately, this also increases reimbursements due to your practice. Whether it’s the coding process or working aging accounts and denials with a free consultation a member of our consulting team can help to identify a streamlined outsourcing solution to fulfill any gaps that may exist within the practice’s medical billing and coding process.

Custom Financial Reports

Our reporting capabilities are customized to suit the needs of each of our clients. Our consulting staff is also available to guide you through the reporting functionality within the practice management software to help you fully understand your A/R balance. Whether it is regular monthly reporting, on-demand information gathering, or end-of-year tax preparation, QuestNS makes sure you get the reporting you need, when you need it.

Patient Balance Processing

Processing patient balances is one of the key areas for medical practices and offices to optimize their revenue stream. QuestNS provides effective and comprehensive patient balance management services. We diligently work to process patient statements, delinquency letters, and refunds. We also manage the collection agency interface. In addition to processing these items, QuestNS will also make outgoing and take incoming calls from patients when questions arise regarding their statements.

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