facebook Mistakes Pediatric Practices Make With Their Medical Billing

5 Common Mistakes Pediatric Practices Make With Their Medical Billing

Maximize your pediatric practice’s collections by avoiding these common errors
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Oct 10, 2022

Accurate medical billing is essential to the running of any practice, including those in the pediatric field of medicine. The following errors are common ones that practices make in their billing that can reduce potential collections.

Error #1

Inaccurate Codes

A common mistake that occurs during the billing process is using the wrong codes. This can be problematic not only because the insurance company may reject the claim but also because too many inaccurate codes could get you flagged for an audit to check that you aren’t committing insurance fraud.


Try outsourcing your medical billing to reduce the risk of inaccurate codes.

Error #2

Codes That Are Too General

Accurate coding isn’t the only criterion for maximizing your collections. Codes also need to be specific. If you’re too general with your coding, you might be leaving money on the table. You might be able to collect more if you’re able to use more specific codes and modifiers.


Hire a professional medical biller to handle your claims to guarantee more specific codes.

Error #3

Filing Claims Late

Insurance companies may have time limits on how long you can wait to file a claim and still collect. Filing claims late is a common error because doctors are busy with patients. However, missing the deadline could result in also missing out on collections.


Dedicate one employee to prioritize billing over other tasks.

Error #4

Underbilling Patients

If you’re underbilling your patients, you’re not making as much as you could. Underbilling can occur when staff members aren’t properly trained on medical billing rules and codes.


Make sure to take the time to fully train anyone handling the claims process.

Error #5

Not Verifying Insurance Frequently Enough

Billing the wrong insurance company can cause claims to be rejected and could result in you missing the deadline with the correct insurance company. It’s essential to check with patients every time they come in that their insurance information is accurate.


Ask to see patient insurance cards every time they visit.

Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Can Eliminate Mistakes

One way to eliminate billing errors is to outsource your claims filing process. Professional medical billers will be more familiar with accurate and specific codes and are dedicated to billing, so claims are always filed on time.

Work with an expert medical billing team

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