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5 Common Mistakes Radiologists Make With Their Medical Billing

Maximize profit by avoiding these common billing errors
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Jan 31, 2023

Medical billing can be tricky, but it’s vital to get it right. Medical billing errors can have negative effects on your radiology practice. Here are five common mistakes to avoid in order to increase your collections and keep your practice running smoothly.

Mistake #1

Using Unspecific Codes

Sometimes, choosing the right CPT code can be difficult. Often, there are several codes a radiology appointment or service could fall under. But if you don’t use the most specific code possible, you might miss out on revenue.


Guarantee more specific coding by hiring professionals to handle your billing.

Mistake #2

Inaccurate Codes

In addition to using codes that aren’t specific enough, your radiology practice may be using the wrong codes for the wrong services. Not only will these mistakes cost you money, but they might even lead to your practice being flagged for insurance fraud. To avoid an audit, ensure you are using the right CPT codes.


Ensure accurate billing by outsourcing your filing to a professional.

Mistake #3

Not Verifying Insurance Often Enough

It’s easy to assume that your patient hasn’t changed their insurance since you last saw them. But if you assume wrong, you risk billing the wrong insurance company and missing out on time and money for your radiology practice. Patients may have changed their insurance because their employer switched providers, they got a new job, or they aged out of their parents’ insurance.


Every time a patient comes in, ask whether their insurance information has changed.

Mistake #4

Not Filing Claims on Time

Filing claims on time is vital for your radiology practice. If you miss the deadline to file claims with an insurance company, you may not be able to charge them at all.


Choose one staff member to handle filing claims.

Mistake #5

Underbilling Patients

Sometimes, your staff may accidentally underbill patients due to a lack of medical billing and the latest CPT codes. When underbilling happens regularly, it could lead to significant lost revenue for your radiology practice.


Keep your staff trained on the most updated medical billing rules and codes.

Outsource Your Medical Billing to Maximize Profits

It’s hard to avoid medical billing errors on your own. One way to ensure your radiology practice collects the most revenue possible is to outsource your medical billing. Outsourcing to a professional company like Quest National Services can help reduce errors, reduce time in A/R, and free up your time for more important work.

Work with an expert medical billing team

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