facebook Common Mistakes Sleep Center Providers Make With Their Medical Billing

5 Common Mistakes Sleep Center Providers Make With Their Medical Billing

Avoid these frequent mistakes to maximize profit
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Jun 6, 2022

Billing is an important part of any medical practice, including sleep centers. Without it, the practice couldn’t run successfully. However, many doctors are missing out on potential revenue because they’re making some of these common mistakes.

Error #1

You Aren’t Billing the Patient Enough

Underbilling patients is a commonly made error in medical billing. Typically, this occurs when the staff handling the billing isn’t knowledgeable in all of the coding options and billing regulations.


Ensure your staff members are fully trained on all billing rules and the latest codes.

Error #2

Your Codes Aren’t Accurate

Accurate codes are a must if you want to maximize your sleep center’s medical billing. Failing to use the right codes can delay payment or even cause the claim to be rejected altogether. If filing claims with incorrect codes is a frequent occurrence, you might end up getting flagged to be audited for insurance fraud.


Try outsourcing your medical billing to a professional who can guarantee accurate coding.

Error #3

Your Claims Are Filed Late

If your claims are getting filed late, then you may miss the deadline. Failing to file within the required time frame could cause a claim to be denied, which could hurt your sleep center’s collections and, therefore, profitability.


Designate one staff member who will be dedicated to filing claims.

Error #4

You Aren’t Verifying Insurance Frequently Enough

It’s common for patients to change their insurance company. If this information isn’t kept up-to-date, you could end up billing the wrong insurance company.


Ask patients for their updated insurance information each time they come in.

Error #5

You’re Using Codes That Are Too General

You could miss out on collections if the codes you use in billing aren’t specific enough. Using codes that are too general could cut into your sleep center’s profits.


Hire a professional to handle your billing for you to ensure more specific coding.

Get the Most out of Your Medical Billing by Outsourcing

Hiring an external company to manage your billing for you can be a great way to maximize both your profits and your time. Outsource filing claims so that you can free up your own time to focus on your patients.

Work with an expert medical billing team

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