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5 Medical Billing Benefits You Get From QuestNS

May 15, 2020
Is your healthcare organization’s financial status in the dumps? Needing expert skills in handling revenue management, staffing services, medical billing outsourcing, coding and HIPAA Compliance? QuestNS offers complete and comprehensive services that smoothly streamlines all tasks and responsibilities needed for effective medical billing. QuestNS is trusted by over 35 states in the U.S. and has an extensive knowledge in handling specific medical practices such as Pediatric, Cardiology, Urgent Care, Urology, Hospitalists, Family Practice, OB/GYN and more.

Here are the specific medical billing benefits you get when you sign up for QuestNS’ medical billing services:

1. Complete and Detailed View of Payments From posting of patient’s bill to triple-checking summary of services acquired, QuestNS gives you an accurate list of procedures that the patient underwent along with medications administered to the patient. The list is made available real-time in your server. 2. One Month Settling Period for Account Receivables Our professionally-trained staff will help you increase your financial health in your practice as they ensure smooth communication with medical insurance agencies and settle account receivables within a period of one month from the date that the claims were sent. 3. Fully transparent and Easy-to-Understand Weekly and Monthly Financial Reports QuestNS gives you a clear and concise summary of claims and all other transactions made within the week or month so it’s easier to track volume of patients in a week or month and assess your productivity in your practice or clinic. 4. Automatic Generation of Patient’s Statements This helpful feature captures data of patients’ breakdown of costs and collates them into one statement of account that will be sent to automatically to the patient’s email inbox, and he or she will also receive a phone call once the statement has been released. 5. Weekly Calls With Your Account Manager Be totally assured that your medical billing duties are well-attended to by our Account Manager through scheduled weekly conference calls with the AE to get updates on progress of claims and denials and other customer inquiries. More benefits are in store for you when you subscribe to QuestNS’ medical billing packages which includes Back-end, Premium and Fully Customized Plans if you want a medical billing task that’s not included in our two previous plans. Need more specific info? You may contact us at 1-888-783-7818 for a free analysis on your needs or email us at info@questns.com.

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