facebook Why Over 50% of Providers are Utilizing an EMR Solution

50% + of providers are utilizing an EMR Solution

Feb 10, 2013
According to preliminary estimates from a CDC survey, 2010 was the first year that more than half of office-based physicians had any kind of electronic medical records system. Minnesota led the nation with more than 80% of physicians, while use was lowest in Kentucky, with slightly more than 38%. But fewer than a quarter of doctors were using a “basic” EMR system, with several components. Utah had the highest percentage of physicians with a basic system at almost 52%, while Maryland had the lowest — less than 13%. How does your state rank in these findings? What has your practice done to implement an EMR solution and qualify for the incentive by December of 2011? In our opinion, the time is now to find the right EMR Software for your practice. Source: “Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Record Systems of Office-based Physicians: United States, 2009 and Preliminary 2010 State Estimates,” National Center for Health Statistics, CDC, Dec. 8, 2010