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The Growing Age of Cloud-Based EMR Software

Nov 27, 2018
Companies are increasingly using technology to change the landscape of the healthcare industry. Physicians and other healthcare providers have recently begun to adopt new technologies en masse to increase their efficacy in treating patients and improve the quality of care. A company in Australia has created a new electronic medical records (EMR) software platform known as Clinic to Cloud (C2C). It is unique in that it is entirely cloud hosted meaning EMRs can be accessed and edited from anywhere and is not kept in a physical office. This is a huge advantage for healthcare providers as it allows them to access patient records from their tablet or smartphone and hosts a ton of other features designed to increase the quality of care the healthcare provider delivers to each patient.

Cloud-Based EMRs

Almost overnight, it seemed that everyone started talking about the “Cloud” which refers to storing data on a third-party server to allow access from anywhere in the world. This technological development breaks down huge barriers to efficiency by removing the need for doctors and other healthcare specialists to retrieve physical copies of EMRs or have physical access to the database that houses the EMRs. C2C allows doctors to access their patients’ inf0rmation via their smartphones and tablets from anywhere. This is extremely useful and reduces the barriers of inconvenience for doctors who might wish to review a case while not in the office or the hospital.

Prescription Drugs

C2C also allows doctors and healthcare providers to track pharmaceutical drug use by patients. This reduces the potential for error and accidental complications from combining inappropriate pharmaceuticals. The program has a page for the prescription drugs that the doctor has prescribed and even allows the doctor to create a page of “favorite” drugs for quick reference and comparison. C2C can also be integrated with Medicare, MIMS, and other databases to identify potentially harmful drug interactions.

Patient Services

Another useful aspect of C2C is its patient portal and patient services. It allows for patients to communicate points of concern with the doctor as well as schedule appointments. The CEO of the software claims that this is a feature unique to C2C and should revolutionize the doctor/patient relationship.

Other Features

C2C also delivers a host of other unique and exciting features. These include voice recognition and text-to-speech as well as a clean, minimal interface designed to minimize clicks to save time and increase efficiency. With many of these new medical technology companies on the rise, it remains to be seen how these developments will change the landscape of EMR, medical billing, and the doctor/patient relationship.