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Common Mistakes Dermatology Practices Make With Their Medical Billing

Maximize your dermatology practice’s billing by avoiding these common mistakes
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Nov 7, 2022

No dermatology practice could stay open for long without medical billing. However, it’s essential to process claims the right way or you could be missing out on revenue that could help your practice. The following are common errors made in the billing process that could negatively affect your collections.

Error #1

Your Codes Are Inaccurate

It’s essential to use the correct CPT codes in billing. If you don’t, the claim will be rejected by the insurance company. On top of that, if you make this mistake multiple times, you could end up getting audited for suspected insurance fraud.


Oursourcing your medical billing can reduce the risk of inaccurate codes.

Error #2

Your Codes Are Too General

Another common mistake is filing with CPT codes that aren’t specific enough. You could collect more revenue just by using modifiers for your CPT codes to be even more accurate.


Hire a professional billing service with detailed knowledge of the latest CPT codes and modifiers.

Error #3

You Don’t File Claims in a Timely Manner

Medical practices of all kinds are busy. It’s understandable that it can take some time for claims to be filed. However, this could result in lost profit because many insurance companies have deadlines and if you don’t file in time, they could deny the claim.


Select one staff member who can dedicate their time solely to processing claims.

Error #4

You’re Not Verifying Insurance Frequently Enough

Another common error is failing to verify insurance. Patients change their insurance companies all the time. If you don’t check, the patient might not think to update you, especially if the change happened a while ago and they haven’t had an appointment in that time. Not verifying insurance could result in billing the wrong insurance company, which could cause you to miss out on collections.


Ask patients if their insurance has changed every time they come in.

Error #5

You’re Underbilling Your Patients

When you process your billing in-house, people who aren’t experts in billing have to process claims. This could result in your staff underbilling your patients and their insurance companies.


Make sure your staff is trained on the latest CPT codes and modifiers.

Maximize Your Practice’s Profits with Outsourcing

One way to avoid the above errors and maximize your practice’s profits is to outsource your billing. A professional billing service will be trained in all of the latest billing rules and codes and they’ll have the expertise to file correctly and on time. On top of that, you’ll be able to take on more patients because you won’t have to spend as much time processing claims.

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