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Common Mistakes OB/GYNs Make With Their Medical Billing

Maximize profit by avoiding these common billing errors
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Feb 27, 2023

Medical practices of all kinds, including OB/GYN, lose money yearly from simple medical billing errors. While medical billing errors might seem small initially, they can greatly impact your business over time. Here are five of the most common medical billing errors your OB/GYN practice should avoid.

Mistake #1

Not Using Specific Codes

The list of CPT codes is incredibly extensive. Sometimes using a generic code for a procedure or appointment can be tempting. However, it’s often possible to use a more specific code instead. Certain codes will charge insurance and patients more than others, so it’s important to be as specific as possible.


Use a professional medical billing solution to stop missing out on lost profits.

Mistake #2

Using Inaccurate Codes

In addition to using unspecific codes, OB/GYN practices sometimes use the wrong code altogether. Using the wrong code can lead to billing errors and lost profits. In fact, if you use the wrong code enough times, your practice could risk getting audited.


Ensure your employees are trained on the most current CPT codes.

Mistake #3

Not Verifying Insurance Often Enough

Another common billing mistake OB/GYN practices make is not verifying insurance often enough. It’s easy to assume that a patient’s insurance hasn’t changed since their last appointment. But insurance changes all the time for many reasons, such as:

  • Loss of employment
  • Change in employment
  • Employer changed insurance plans
  • Aging out of parents’ insurance

When you don’t verify insurance with your patient, you risk sending claims to the wrong company and missing out on revenue.


Always ask patients for their current insurance card when they come into the office.

Mistake #4

Filing Claims Late

Not filing claims on time is another easy mistake for OB/GYN practices to make. When you file claims late, you get money late as well. Filing claims on time is the easiest way to avoid headaches for both you and your patients.


Make sure to file claims at regular intervals to not leave any lingering.

Mistake #5

Underbilling Patients

Sometimes, OB/GYN practices accidentally underbill patients. This can be a result of using an unspecific code or inaccurate code. Sometimes, you may forget to include every part of an appointment or procedure on the claim. Regular underbilling can lead to lost profits.


Outsource your medical billing to a professional company to avoid underbilling.

Outsource Your Medical Billing to Maximize Profits

The easiest way to avoid these five mistakes and countless others is to outsource your OB/GYN practice’s medical billing to a medical billing service. Outsourcing can help you lower your overhead costs, reduce errors, and decrease A/R time.

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