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EMR Software: Domestic & Abroad

Oct 9, 2014

EMR Software: Domestic and Abroad

Though there was a time when patients and doctors were weary of such things, many people are growing accustomed to the electronic storage of their medical records. Multiple studies across Europe and North America have shown that on both continents, EMRs are much more commonplace.

The Commonwealth Fund recently released a survey stating that primary care physicians in the United States reported more than a 20% jump in their use of EMR software during the last three years. This brings United States medical facilities up to almost 70% EMR software usage.

Data gathered from Canadian physicians revealed even more insight into EMR integration. The study states that the number of doctors using EMR software doubled from 23% in 2006 to 56% in 2012.

Greater Application, Greater Benefits

It is easy to see many of the upsides to EMRs replacing paper records. Benefits include reduced environmental costs and the safety of important medical documents. EMRs also provide direct access to critical elements of medical treatment, such as allergies.

In addition, there are some less-known advantages for those that have already integrated EMR software into their medical practices. For example, 73% of patients polled said they would like e-mail or phone notifications announcing follow-up visits. Both of these communicative measures can be implemented with the use of EMR software. Other valuable aspects of EMR software include:

  • Letting physicians check documents to help with quicker diagnosis.
  • Being able to quickly scan a patient’s medicines and charts. Practitioners may then alert an administrator if there is a mistake.
  • Providing doctors with otherwise unreachable medical records in disaster areas.
  • Eliminating the need for a patient to fill out extensive paperwork on medical history whenever dealing with a new doctor.
  • Saving time, space, and labor that could otherwise be spent treating patients.

EMRs offer long-term support, success, and ease-of-use proving effective on a global scale. Let EMR software work hard as a simple solution for the improvement of your private practice.