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EHR Software Solutions

EHR software, or Electronic Health Record software, can help to streamline communications between medical offices and outside parties. Communicating with pharmacies, insurance companies, specialists, other medical offices, and even patients can be simplified by using this innovative technology. The high quality EHR software solutions provided by QuestNS work in conjunction with EMR and billing software to create a more efficient overall experience for patients and medical professionals. Successfully integrating EHR software into a practice office can also entitle offices to incentives that are being offered for “Meaningful Use” of certified EHR technology.

EHR Software Benefits

A more comprehensive picture of a patient’s overall health profile can be presented using QuestNS EHR software. This technology automatically compiles patient health information that has been provided by specialists and other medical professionals into a format that is easy to use and can be accessed quickly. EHR software helps to eliminate embarrassing and dangerous mistakes by compiling information such as patient allergies, previous diagnoses, and other important factors without the need for patients or physicians to continually fill out and update forms.

Surescripts Certification

QuestNS EHR software is Surescripts certified, which means that the process of prescribing medication and renewing refills can be completed seamlessly without the need for a third party e-prescriber. Refill requests are electronically communicated using EHR software systems, which eliminates the need for exhaustive faxing and phone calls. This can reduce clutter and headaches, as refill requests can be granted or denied with the click of a button rather than waiting for outdated and often problematic fax communications.

Meaningful Use Incentives

The criteria used to determine “Meaningful Use” eligibility may vary based on the age of a patient, as well as the size, and specific services offered by a practice office. QuestNS is happy to help practices integrate EHR software and educate staff members on ways to maximize the financial benefit awarded by Medicare and Medicaid through this incentive program. Complying with Meaningful Use eligibility requirements also means that communications with Medicare and Medicaid are efficient, which means a faster return on services rendered for patients that are covered under these plans.

Improved Patient Care

EHR software allows patients to view health history. This unique feature is in line with a growing trend towards patient involvement with all aspects of health care. Patients are able to view health history in a concise way that makes it easier to see the results of medications, therapy programs, or daily habits. Being able to view this information in a progressive way typically shows patients will be more likely to take medications as directed and attend wellness visits and screenings regularly. The information may also help both medical professionals and patients to spot likely risks that can assist with early diagnosis of conditions.

Improved Visibility to Other Specialists

In addition to the clear benefits an EHR solution can offer a single medical practice and those medical providers within it, with the continued development of technology EHR solutions presented by QuestNS presents allow providers more access than ever before to patient records. When provider send a referral out to a specialist the referring provider now has the ability to send a link to the specialist to view all history related to the referral. All of this visibility is of course completed in a HIPAA compliant manner meeting or exceeding all government regulations.

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Is Outsourcing Right For You?

Calculate How Much You Can Save

Use our free, online calculator to see how much money your practice could save by outsourcing your medical billing. Get your results in 3 easy steps.

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