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How to Increase ENT Collections

Improve your collections with these tips
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Aug 29, 2022

Medical billing is an essential component of running any type of practice and ENT practitioners are no exception. These tips can help them to maximize billing in order to improve their practice’s collections as well as free up time to see more patients.

Tip #1

See More Patients

One way to increase your profit is to see more patients. However, there’s only so much time in the day and if you don’t also follow one of the next two tips, this may not be possible.

Tip #2

Outsource Your Claims Process

Outsourcing your billing process can help you to free up time for more patients. Hiring an external company to manage your claims also has the added benefit of professional expertise regarding CPT codes and billing regulations.

Tip #3

Streamline In-House Billing

If you’d prefer to keep your medical billing in-house, another option is to streamline your current billing processes instead. To do this, it’s recommended that you have one employee chosen to handle the billing so that they can become your expert in regulations and codes. This employee can also focus on billing so that claims are processed on time. Medical billing software help to make streamlining collections much easier.

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