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How to Increase Hospitalist Collections

These tips can help you to improve your medical billing
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Sep 19, 2022

The best way to keep your hospitalist practice running smoothly is to increase your collections. If you follow these steps, you can improve your billing and free up time to see more patients.

Tip #1

Outsource Your Practice’s Billing

One way to streamline your medical billing processes is to outsource them to an external company. This can free up your own time for more patients as well as ensure that claims are handled in a timely and accurate fashion. Plus, you and your staff won’t need to spend time training on updated codes.

Tip #2

Streamline Your Billing In-House

If you’d prefer to keep your medical billing within your practice, then it’s important to streamline the process. It’s best to choose just one person who will always be in charge of the billing. This can help to improve the speed at which claims are made and also improve accuracy because the dedicated employee has the training and knowledge to better handle collections.

Tip #3

See More Patients

Once you’ve either outsourced your billing or streamlined the process in-house, you’ll have more time to take on more patients. You only have so many hours each day, so one or the other is necessary in order to free up that time for more patients.

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