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How to Increase OB/GYN Practice Collections

Improve your OB/GYN practice’s collections by following these tips
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Feb 20, 2023

Your OB/GYN practice can increase collections in several ways. Increasing collections can help you increase revenue, grow your business, and see more patients. Here are four ways to increase your OB/GYN practice’s collections.


See More Patients

The first way to increase your OB/GYN practice’s collections is by seeing more patients. Of course, the more patients you see, the more you can bill and the more you can earn. However, in order to see more patients, you have to free up your time and workload. Identify the tasks you can outsource or delegate to see more patients in a typical workday.


Find Potential Revenue Leaks

Identifying where you might be leaking money is another way to help boost your OB/GYN practice’s collections. For example, maybe you are making the same billing errors repeatedly or not billing on time. Perhaps you don’t have a lot of availability during certain days of the week, which prevents you from seeing patients. Finding these leaks can help you take the next steps.


Streamline Medical Billing

Streamlining medical billing is key to increasing your OB/GYN practice’s collections. To streamline your medical billing, analyze your current billing process and identify opportunities for improvement. Perhaps you can put one employee in charge of coding and another in charge of catching up on claims that have been in A/R for a long time.


Outsource to a Medical Billing Service

Medical billing is commonly at the core of missed revenue due to its complexity and opportunity for errors. Consider outsourcing your OB/GYN’s claims to a medical billing service like QuestNS. These services hire and train professional medical billers that can reduce errors, decrease time in A/R, and increase your collections. Contact QuestNS today to learn how to get started.

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