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How to Increase Podiatry Practice Collections

Improve your practice’s medical billing with these tips
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Apr 13, 2022

As a podiatrist and owner of a practice, you’re likely always looking for ways to increase your collections and boost your practice’s revenue. Increasing collections will in turn boost your practice’s profitability.

These operational changes will help to increase your podiatry practice’s collection.

Schedule More Patient Visits

Naturally, increasing the number of patients you see will boost the amount of money your practice is bringing in through collections. To see more patients, in turn, you’ll have to free up time in your busy schedule. This may require strategically cutting down visit lengths or delegating time that would be spent on administrative tasks like billing to outsourced help.

Perfect Your In-House Collections Process

Making sure your billing process results in timely billing should be a number one priority for every practice. It’s even more beneficial if you find ways to automate this in-house collections process to ensure there are few manual tasks required to keep the medical billing process running properly.

One way to streamline this process is by using a swipe and hold feature. Swipe and hold will make future bills automatic payments. This cuts down on how often you’re tracking down past due balances and other payments.

Outsource Your Practice’s Medical Billing

If you want to increase your practice’s collections without any major changes to your daily operations, outsourcing your billing and coding to a medical billing company may be the best option. You’ll have a team of skilled medical billing professionals with training specific to podiatry. This will lead to a more accurate and efficient billing process.

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