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How to Increase Sleep Center Practice Collections

Improve your medical billing by following these tips
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Jun 13, 2022

Although your sleep center’s focus may be on the patients coming in for sleep studies, billing is also a vital part of running the practice. The following are some ways that you can maximize collections and profitability.

Tip #1

Outsource Your Medical Billing

Outsourcing your billing can help to ensure that your claims are handled promptly and accurately, which can in turn maximize your collections. Plus, hiring an external company to manage the claims process for you can free up more of your time for patients.

Tip #2

Streamline Your Collections In-House

If you prefer to keep your billing procedures in-house instead of outsourcing them, it’s a good idea to look at where you can streamline the process where possible.

Having one employee dedicated to handling claims can help reduce errors. Using medical billing software can also help to improve accuracy and collections.

Tip #3

Increase the Number of Patients

Increasing the number of patients coming into your sleep center is another way to increase your collections. In order to make time for more patients, however, you’ll also need to either streamline your in-house collections or outsource the medical billing process.

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