How Virtual RNs Are Revolutionizing How Doctors Practice

Benefits of Using Virtual Nursing in a Medical Practice
Apr 26, 2021

Telemedicine has been more and more popular with both improvements in technology and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. More patients than ever before saw medical professionals virtually instead of coming into a doctor’s office in person in 2020 and 2021. However, virtual nursing doesn’t just benefit patients. It’s also revolutionizing how doctors practice medicine.

Working with virtual RNs can save doctors money. In addition, virtual nurses can help free up doctors’ time so they can focus more on their patients. But what can a virtual RN do to help a doctor’s practice?

Doctor in white lab coat with stethoscope using a tablet computer

Virtual Scribes

Virtual RNs can function as virtual scribes for doctors. On a computer or a tablet, a doctor can connect with a virtual RN via videoconferencing software. The RN can then be in the exam room with the doctor and patient and type up notes as well as chart the patient in the doctor’s EMR of choice.

Another option is to record dictation and upload it to a cloud server. A virtual RN can then transcribe it, even adding it directly into the patient’s chart.

Virtual Support for Administrative Staff

It isn’t just the doctors that virtual nurses can assist. They can also make a difference in the front office with a doctor’s administrative staff. Virtual RNs can assist with the following administrative tasks:

  • Authorizations
  • Managing medical records
  • Medical billing
  • Refilling prescriptions
  • Eligibility
  • Insurance verification
  • Referrals

Virtual Scheduling

Another benefit of virtual RNs is that they can be connected to your phone system even though they’re not sitting in your office. This allows them to both receive and place calls as if they were sitting at your front desk. They can interact with patients over the phone by scheduling and confirming appointments with patients. They can even call insurance companies on your behalf and more.

Eligibility and Authorizations

Virtual RNs can also handle both verifying insurance eligibility and prior authorizations for a patient in order to make medical billing a lot easier. Any administrative staff you have will be busy working with patients. A virtual nurse can take care of these tasks to free up your time and your administrative staff’s time.

Uploading Documents and Filling out Forms

A virtual RN can chart a patient in real-time during an appointment, but that’s not the only paperwork they can handle. From transcribing dictations to filling out forms, virtual RNs can ensure that your documentation is filled out and uploaded to a cloud server for easy access.

Checking Patients In and Out

Even though a virtual RN isn’t in the office in person, they can take care of checking patients in and out. A tablet set up at a check-in station will offer patients access to the virtual nurse who can check them in and ensure all paperwork is filled out and up-to-date. Patients can check out the same way. A virtual RN can ensure that any follow-up appointments are scheduled and that patients have paid any fees for their appointment.

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