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How We Ensure Accurate Medical Billing

Learn the benefits of outsourcing your medical billing and how it can help your bottom line
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Aug 21, 2023

Quest National Services Focuses on Accurate Codes

Working with a publicly traded company in 2022, we started by ensuring that each one of the diagnosis codes provided to us was applicable to each of the CPT codes that were going to get billed out.

Accurate Billing Reduces Claim Denials

Doing this eliminated any distractions and eliminated any reason for a denial to happen. With that, combined with our eligibility verification services, we ensured that each patient was actually eligible prior to submitting the claim and prior to that patient being seen, ensuring that each claim would get paid timely and properly for this publicly traded organization.

Testing Claims for Accuracy

Prior to us getting involved, 95% of this client’s claims were actually getting rejected for numerous different reasons. Prior to us even actually starting the process of routinely and regularly filing the claims for this particular group, we ensured that we submitted a test run of claims, ensuring that claims got paid timely and properly the first time.

Aiming for MGMA Standards

Over the past 15 years, we’ve ensured 90+% of all clients we’ve brought on have met these same expectations and standards. We’re going after those MGMA standards every day.

We’re in Business To Maximize Collections

Every dollar counts. That’s why we started the business and that’s why we’re still in this business today.