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Stress less, practice more with Quest National Service’s comprehensive medical billing services.

Medical Billing

Imagine increasing the efficiency of your practice’s workflow while enhancing your cash-flow visibility at the same time. Introducing Quest’s web based claim filing solution that has revolutionized the way insurance claims are paid. Finally you can confidently know the exact financial condition of your practice.

Customer Service

QuestNS is dedicated to your practice by providing customized training and support based on the needs of the particular user we are speaking with. Gone are the days of waiting 3 weeks for an answer from the “support team”. We support each of our clients with the level of support that one would expect.

Close Extension

Do you have a specific aspect of your medical billing that your staff does not have time to perform well, QuestNS can become an extension of your staff and expertly perform for you some or all of your billing tasks, greatly increasing your effectiveness in the revenue cycle management and reimbursements due to your practice.


Balance Processing

QuestNS provides effective and comprehensive processing of patient statements and delinquency letters, refunds processing and the collection agency interface. QuestNS delivers above and beyond traditional medical billing companies.

Custom Reports

Our reporting capabilities are as detailed or simplistic as your requirements and if needed a member of our consulting staff can guide you through the reporting functionality to help you fully understand and realize your true A/R balance. Whether it is regular monthly reporting, on-demand information gathering or project work demands, QuestNS makes sure you get the reporting you need, when you need it to support your decision-making.

Local Attention

Imagine having the power of a national company with the comfort of knowing there’s a local dedicated team of support consultants – you get the best of both worlds when using QuestNS of Greater Portland as your dedicated medical billing company.

Prepare for your government audit

Comprehensive all-in-one HIPAA compliance for your practice. CMS and Office of Civil Rights are now proactively conducting HIPAA audits for medical practices of all sizes and specialties. QuestNS provides everything you will need to be prepared for the upcoming HIPAA audits.

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Imagine increasing your billing efficiency

QuestNS can work with whatever software system you currently have. We specialize in all aspects of the medical revenue cycle based on the needs of your practice. We are experts in Medical Billing & Coding, Claim Denials & Rejections, Accounts Receivable as well as Patient Collections.

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Software designed for your practice

QuestNS offers multiple software choices from more than 15 of the top medical software developers. Choose from several branded options and make your decision based on what works best for your practice. Training and implementation is included. Most EMR/EHR software include the following features:

  • Billing system integration
  • Automatic patient reminders
  • E-prescribing, document scanning
  • Medication tracking
  • Patient Portal

Some of our EMR partners…

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Results through Customer Service and Technology

QuestNS is a national company with more than 45 years of experience in healthcare and medical billing. Our passion is increasing revenue efficiencies while helping doctors focus on what they do best…take care of their patients. You will not find a company that cares more about our customers than we do. Give Rola Ayubi and her team a call today in our Greater Portland office: 503-828-9675

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HIPAA Compliance

• Documented Security Risk Analysis
– Security Safeguards
– Technical Safeguards
– Administrative Safeguards
• Documented Risk Management Plan
• HIPAA Privacy Policies, Procedures and Documentation forms
• HIPAA Security Policies, Procedures and Documentation forms
• Business Associate Agreements and HIPAA Assurance form
• HIPAA Privacy and Security Employee Training
• Breach Notification & Response Plan
• Documented Contingency Plan
• HIPAA HITECH Omnibus Rule Compliant
• HIPAA and Audit support for one year
Call us today for a free HIPAA Consultation: 503-828-9675


This crucial step in the medical billing process must be completed with accuracy and consistency. With some of the most experienced coders and coder trainers in the industry, QuestNS provides a highly qualified team of credentialed CPCs (Certified Professional Coders) that work to ensure ALL of your claims and charges are correct the first time they are submitted. Our coders work with every medical specialty and also provide physician and staff ICD-10 training.


With more than 45 years of experience in medical billing industry, QuestNS offers competitive rates with unprecedented service and results. We offer EMR/EHR software upgrades or we can utilize the software currently in your practice. Unlike some medical billing companies that do not meet the new government standards, QuestNS utilizes HIPAA compliant web based claim filing that improves the efficiency of each practice’s workflow processes while not compromising safety or security. We handle billing for practices throughout the United States and can work with all types of providers and specialties. Excellent references available on request!

Local Customer Service

QuestNS has consultants and employees that live and work in Portland but we also provide the resources and expertise that comes with a national company. Having local Portland assets means that our customers take advantage of our personal customer service model that includes having a dedicated local support team.


QuestNS offers multiple software choices from more than 15 of the top medical software developers. Based on the type of specialty or sub-specialty, providers can choose from the software that best suits their needs. Specialty type, office size, customizable reports, patient portals, e-Rx, ease of use and data entry all need to be taken into account before making a decision.


Are we exceeding your expectations yet? How healthy is your practice? Along with a dedicated account manager that helps manage all of your day-to-day needs, all of our customers receive an in-person monthly business review which helps highlight QuestNS’ performance month-to-month and year-to-year. This monthly review allows us to partner with each of our customers to ensure efficiency in all areas (e.g. Accounts Receivable, Claims/Codes Submitted, Denials/Rejections, Employee Training, Office Processes, Overall Performance, etc.)

ICD-10 Countdown

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has mandated the replacement of the ICD-9-CM code sets used by medical coders and billers to report health care diagnoses and procedures with ICD-10 codes, effective Oct. 1, 2015.

Will you be ready in time?

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