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Our Medical Billing Standards

Learn the benefits of outsourcing your medical billing and how it can help your bottom line
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Sep 11, 2023

Quest National Services Medical Standards

We follow at Quest National Services what is called MGMA standards. That is the industry standard that we’re following. That industry standard sets out AR percentages, our collection percentages, and the percentage of denials and rejections that our clients should be seeing.

Quest National Services’ Mission

Our goal is to get every single client that we serve to MGMA standards or better within the first 12 months of working with them. We accomplish that mission by ensuring that there’s proper, timely, and regular communication with each one of our clients.

Open Communication Leads to Results

This allows our clients to understand why things like denials and rejections happen while ensuring authorizations and eligibility are completed properly the first time.

Our Clients Meet MGMA Standards

That in itself allows us to ensure our clients are meeting or exceeding MGMA standards as quickly as possible.

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