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Podiatry CPT Codes for 2023 + Modifiers

See the updated 2023 podiatry CPT codes
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Jun 22, 2023

Keeping billing accurate is an essential element of medical collection maximization. If podiatry codes are not accurate, the claims may be denied. The more accurate a claim, the higher the potential collection amount. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure you know the latest CPT codes and their modifiers.

Podiatry CPT Codes for 2023

See the podiatry CPT code updates for 2023:

  • 28001 – incision or drainage of bursa on the foot
  • 28002 – incision or drainage below the fascia, with or without tendon sheath involvement
  • 28003 – removal of sutures and staples not requiring anesthesia
  • 76883 – ultrasound of the nerves in the foot

Podiatry CPT Modifiers

Modifier accuracy is also essential to maximize billing claims. Here are the updated podiatry modifiers for 2023.

  • TA – left foot, great toe
  • T1 – left foot, second digit
  • T2 – left foot, third digit
  • T3 – left foot, fourth digit
  • T4 – left foot, fifth digit
  • T5 – right foot, great toe
  • T6 – right foot, second digit
  • T7 – right foot, third digit
  • T8 – right foot, fourth digit
  • T9 – right foot, fifth digit
  • 310 – not vaccinated against COVID-19
  • 311 – partly vaccinated against COVID-19
  • 39 – indicates any other under-immunized status

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