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We help you serve patients more profitably. Our experienced, specialized team of medical billing and coding professionals focuses on the technical side of your business so that you can spend more time where it matters - caring for your patients.

  • 98% First-pass Rate
  • Increase collections by 15%
  • Spend 19 fewer days in A/R
  • Get started in as few as 5 business days
  • One phone call is all it takes to get started
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Get a more profitable practice in ,

Increase medical billing collections by 15%

Inhouse Medical Billing

$1,800,000 revenue

- $67,500 biller salary

- $60,000 secondary biller salary

- $35,625 Benefits and Overhead @ 25% of salary

- $4,500 Cost of software and hardware for billers

- $1,800 Cost of Postage

$1,630,500 in net collections

Average billing expense of 10.25% of collected revenue

Outsourced Medical Billing

$2,100,000 17% increase in top-line collected revenue

- $115,500 5.5% of collected revenue

$1,984,500 in net collections

Average billing expense of 5.5% of collected revenue plus the added collective revenue from outsourcing

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Increase Your Billing Efficiency for Your Medical Practice

Our experienced team of , medical billing professionals is trained in all software systems, so we can handle whatever you currently use. We specialize in the technical side of the business, such as medical billing & coding, claim denials & rejections, accounts receivable, patient collections, and much more, so that you don't have to worry about anything besides your patients' well-being.

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Medical Billing Software Specialized For Your Practice in ,

We offer a variety of software choices from more than 15 of the top medical software developers so you can tailor your software to exactly what your practice needs. Our comprehensive systems make it easier for you and your patients with the inclusion of training, implementation, billing system integration, automatic patient reminders, E-prescribing, medication tracking, and a patient portal.

Our services

How we can help


medical billing company

We believe that your focus should be your patients. That's why we take the headache out of billing. With a service level tailored to your practice management, you only pay for the services that you need. That means higher net revenue and better control over your practice's bottom line.

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EMR/EHR software for Doctors

We will work with your existing EMR so you can keep the system you're happy with. If you don't already have an EMR or aren't happy with the one you have, we'll help you select and implement the right one that meets your unique budget and needs.

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Dedicated account managers

Having a single point of contact makes your practice run more efficiently. We schedule weekly conference calls with a familiar face who knows your business and therefore knows your requirements.

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HIPAA compliance solution

We will assess the risks your practice may face and provide step-by-step guidance on ensuring your practice's 100% HIPAA compliance when it comes to medical records. Our cost-effective, web-based solution is easy to use and has helped 100's of practices, like yours, get out of willful neglect.

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ICD-10 coding

We take the headache of coding off your hands so that you can focus on serving patients more profitably. Whether your needs are ongoing or just one time, the process is simple: send us your note, and our certified coders will take care of the rest.

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Monthly checkups

We believe that a partnership means full transparency and accountability. That's why we commit to providing you with monthly check-ups to review the KPIs that ensure your practice continues moving forward.

How a medical billing company can save your practice money

As a practice owner, you know that your patients come first. However, without a profitable bottom line, you won't be able to care for your patients. Here are just some of the ways that our , medical coding team can keep your practice on the right track financially:

  • Revenue Cycle Management - Keep your financing in check and ensure that your money in is greater than your money out. Our medical billing team will handle this reimbursement for you, so you can focus on running your practice.
  • Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management - Spending too much time in A/R is an expensive and frustrating process for many medical practices, so we take that burden for you. Our medical billing team in , is specialized in Accounts Receivable Management, giving you all of the benefits without having to spend the time or energy yourself.
  • Denial Management - Getting a denial notice puts a lot of stress and work on your plate. Let our Denial Management experts take that burden from you and utilize our expertise to get the situation resolved. We'll investigate the situation, focus on resolving the issue, and appeal if we get denied a second time.
  • Medical Coding Services - Trying to handle all of your medical billing services inhouse can be a nightmare for many medical practices. The costs of employees, ongoing training, office space, and more can add up. Our trained, experienced Medical Billers are specialized to get the most out of your services. Plus, you won't have to micromanage our team, so you can spend more time and energy on your patients and business. Our medical coders are also trained in professional medical insurance claims, so you can focus on your practice management.
  • Revenue Cycle Analytics - Fully understanding the financial side of your medical practice can be difficult, so we make it easy. Using top-of-the-line medical billing software, we're able to show your financial data in an easy-to-understand and meaningful way. Then, we can use the data to help you become a more profitable practice.

The benefits of outsourcing to a medical billing company

Outsourcing your medical billing to a local medical coding company is the right move for many different medical practices. Aside from the freedom that it gives you when it comes to your workload, you can become a much more profitable practice by outsourcing your medical billing.

Here are just some of the things that you'll save money on if you choose to outsource your medical coding to a team:

Savings opportunity #1

Medical billing staff expenses

A well-training medical billing team inhouse at your medical practice can be expensive. Especially when you take other factors into consideration. Each employee will expect a raise every year and potentially more as they become more as they stay on your team. Also, you have to provide benefits and insurance, and handle all of the sick days that may occur.

Savings opportunity #2

Paying for office space in

isn't a cheap city to have a medical practice in as office spaces continue to rise in price. Having an inhouse medical billing team means that you have to set aside an area of your office for them to work. Choosing to outsource your medical billing services in , allows you to either have a smaller, more affordable office or to utilize their workspace for other vital aspects of your practice.

Savings opportunity #3

Benefits & ongoing training of staff

As a medical practice owner, you likely know that there are additional expenses to having employees than just their salaries. Here are just some of the additional expenses that you can expect from keeping your team inhouse.

  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Benefits
  • Raises
  • Bonuses
  • Ongoing education
  • and much more

At Quest National Services in , , we take care of all of these expenses for our medical billing team, so you don't have to.

Savings opportunity #4

Only pay your medical billing team when you get paid

Your inhouse medical billing staff has a set salary that you have to pay no matter what is going on in the world. If you have to shut down for an emergency or traffic is slow at your office, you're still paying them the same amount no matter what. Working with a local medical billing team means that we only get paid if you do. Our payment is based on a percentage of your revenue, so if revenue is low at your practice, you won't feel nearly as much financial pressure paying for medical billing services.


What our clients are saying

"I would recommend Quest without reservation."

"We were a busy Urological group with four clinicians and had just been informed by our Medical Billing Service that they were closing their operation. We needed to associate with a new service quickly. We heard about Quest through our IPA, an organization where I am on the board. Quest was interested in working with more practices in our area and had a very good local and national reputation.
Adam and his team promptly visited with us. We had also met with other services but it became clear that Quest would be our choice. Quest was knowledgeable, hands-on, transparent, flexible, and ready to move ahead quickly. As promised, things did move ahead quickly and seamlessly.
Things have continued to work out well. In retrospect, Quest has been far superior to our previous billing service. It has been a pleasure to work with Adam and his team. I would recommend Quest without reservation."

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Roderick Crocker, MD

Urologist, Cambridge Urological Associates

"They did a great job with our billing."

Dr. Duncan Gill

"…saving our practice tens of thousands of dollars."

"Quest National Services and Adam have been vital to the success of the Highland OBGYN practice. Quest National was able to take on our account in a very quick manner and has transitioned our practice from one software to another with little down time ultimately saving our practice tens of thousands of dollars. The team at Quest National have been the partners my growing OBGYN practice has needed. Most important for me is their ability to provide us redundancy when we otherwise wouldn’t have it. I couldn’t be more thankful for their dedication to our practice."

Read More Headshot

Mark Lowney

OB/GYN, Southcoast Health

"Worked with our existing software so that we didn’t have to make expensive changes"

"My husband and I have a small practice but we were looking for a medical billing company to consult us. We originally started with a local company with some satisfaction. However, our biggest problem was that they wanted us to change our existing EMR to software that they worked with. Quest National Services worked with our existing software so that we didn’t have to make expensive changes to our infrastructure. That saved us a lot of time and headache. I would definitely say that was one of the main reasons for why we switched and why we continue to work with Quest. As a small practice, they helped us without draining our resources."

Read More Ariana headshot

Adriana C.

"I was impressed almost immediately by their transparency and consistent communication"

"As an administrator of a multi specialty clinic, I was looking for a service that provided timely and consistent communication. I found in prior engagements with our prior 2 billing companies neither provided the level of communication or transparency our principals expected. When I was introduced to Quest I was impressed almost immediately by their transparency and consistent communication. We've been with them now 5 months and are so happy we made the move."

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Roger P.

"Quest has made the process so transparent and allowed us to increase our profits"

"Our company made the decision to outsource our medical billing to Quest and we have been incredibly pleased with the results. The knowledge, dedication, and customer service provided by their team is truly first class!
When we came to Quest, we had a hard time recovering our A/R and ensuring the accuracy of our billing. Quest has made the process so transparent and allowed us to increase our profits, while also pointing out and assisting in areas of improvement.
I really appreciate the work of Nancy and her team, and the responsiveness of the CEO, Adam. They both always find the time to address any questions or problems we are having!"

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Joseph D.

"Quest lowered our time in accounts receivable by close to two weeks"

"Quest has made a huge difference in our business, even within the limited amount of time that we’ve been using their services. We kept our current EMR and, in less than six months, Quest lowered our time in accounts receivable by close to two weeks! I couldn’t believe it. We’ve been very pleased with the services and responsiveness of their staff so far. We were able to get reimbursed faster which was so important. Moreover, Quest took over the burden of dealing with aging receivables so we could focus more on business. They offered so many options and services and we were able to find the perfect solution for us. Thanks to Adam and everyone at Quest!"

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Peter H.

"The team is knowledgeable, efficient and very timely"

"Moving my billing needs to Quest National has been the best decision for my business that I have made! From the initial meeting communication has been outstanding. The team is knowledgeable, efficient and very timely. I could not be happier and I am recommending them to all my peers. Thank you Lesley and Nancy - I have gone back to seeing my patients and no longer have to worry or follow up on the billing part of my practice because QNS has me covered."

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Bridget R.

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