Sure-Scripts Certification


What Does It All Mean?

Quest National Services EMR providers are able to electronically and securely exchange prescription information directly with pharmacies and payers in communities in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

The Surescripts certification is another validation of our continued efforts to extend our mXchange platform. The electronic prescribing capabilities have been seemlessly integrated into our EHR without the need for any third party e-prescribing solutions, resulting in faster implementation, better support, and quicker return on investment for our providers. The surescripts connection allows providers who e-prescribe to access valuable real-time pharmacy and payro information before prescriptions are generated thereby reducing errors and increasing physician effectiveness.


Additional Benefits

Additionally, the connection to Surescripts also allows for electronic routing of prescription refill requests, with physicians receiving their refills via their EHR instead of their fax machines. Refills authorization or denials can then be electronically communicated to the pharmacy with just a few clicks, thereby eliminating many of the faxes and phone calls associated with the traditional refill process. New prescriptions can also be routed directly to pharmacy computers before a patient ever leaves their physician’s office.


Institute of Medicine

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has reported that more than 1.5 Americans are injured every year by medication errors and recommends that all prescriptions be written and processed electronically. Eletronic prescribing makes everyone’s lives easier and significantly reduces all the unnecessay paperwork and back and forth that typically goes on between doctors and patients when it comes to the prescription and renewal process. In short patient safety will be enhanced by the technological capabilities that eliminate prescription errors and reduce drug interaction risk.