facebook Support Patients through Technology Transitions for Greater Satisfaction

Support Patients through Technology Transitions for Greater Satisfaction

Nov 27, 2019
There have been many exciting changes in the healthcare field in recent years that have been fueled by technology. While it is easy for doctors to see how things like EHRs and medical billing software can improve patient outcomes, billing accuracy, and engagement, patients might not totally understand the changes. As such, it is important to support patients through changes so that they can see the benefits.

Talk to Patients while Entering Information

Since EHRs have become a healthcare standard, it is very important to enter all patient information in during the visit. However, patients may not understand why you are typing away on computer or tapping on a tablet during their precious office visit time. As you enter information, tell the patient what you are doing and how this helps to keep records together to improve care. If you utilize a computer or tablet to look up symptoms from a database or consult EHRs for medical history that may provide clues into an issue, also walk the patient through these steps. Talking to a patient about your process may help to increase feelings of trust while mitigating concerns that you are simply browsing the internet for symptoms as they would at home.

Sell Your Patient Portal

Patient portals are a great idea that can put patients in charge of their health in a real way and improve healthcare communications. Unfortunately, patient portals have not garnered the excitement that was expected and adoption rates are relatively low for most practices. Patients are busy and many practices simply provide pamphlets about the patient portals that may be overlooked. Talking up your patient portal and letting patients know how easy it is to see test results and records, schedule appointments, and view bills may help to increase interest. Let patients know that it is possible to ask questions through the portal that may help them to save travel time while engaging with medical professionals free of charge.

Be Patient When Recommending New Health Technology

If you decide to recommend a health app or other telehealth services to supplement care, be patient when walking patients through how to use the service and why it is helpful. Some patients will inevitably feel skeptical and hesitant to use to the recommended technology. Taking the time to allay their fears and really connect with them can improve satisfaction, engagement, and potentially outcomes. If you are looking to implement new technology in your medical practice, call 1-888-783-7818 today to find out about top quality solutions.

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