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The 5 Best Practical Apps Every Doctor Should Download

Connect with other physicians, check pill interactions, and more with these apps
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Nov 12, 2021

When Apple first marketed the iPhone, it used the phrase “there’s an app for that” in its commercials and marketing materials. Since then, it’s been proven that there is, indeed, an app for everything. Apps on smart devices have been improving the medical field, both for patients and for doctors. Apps can help doctors improve everything from how they run their practices to how they diagnose patients.

The following apps are the best practical apps that every doctor should download.

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1. Medscape

Cost: Free

Best For: Patient diagnosis

Medscape is an app that offers doctors a wide range of tools that can help them to better diagnose patients. There’s an extensive database of different medical conditions. There’s a pill identifier. There’s also medical news that doctors can read to stay abreast of current developments in the medical world. Even though they’re finished with med school, doctors are continually learning and Medscape offers the materials they’ll need to continue their education at their fingertips.

It’s accessible online at Medscape’s website as well as the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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2. Epocrates

Cost: Free (basic account), $174.99/year (plus account)

Best For: Consultations

Epocrates is a medical networking app. Doctors can use it to get in touch with fellow medical professionals. In particular, this is useful for consultations and for referrals to a specialist. However, connections between medical professionals aren’t limited to those two interactions. Doctors can consult each other using the app on any question they may have. Epocrates also offers information about drug interactions so that doctors can safely prescribe the best possible medication to their patients.

Epocrates is available online, in the Apple App Store, and in the Google Play Store.

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3. Prevention TaskForce

Cost: Free

Best For: Preventative treatment

Prevention TaskForce is an app developed by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. The app helps doctors to better treat their patients by making recommendations for preventive treatments, screenings, and counseling that may benefit a patient. Doctors can search by a variety of different patient characteristics, from age and sex to behavioral characteristics. The app will then recommend preventive treatments that the doctor can decide whether or not to prescribe.

Prevention TaskForce is available online, in the Apple App Store, and on the Google Play Store.

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4. 3D4Medical

Cost: $39.99 (student), $99.99 (professional), free trial available

Best For: Teaching

3D4Medical is an app often used in universities as a teaching tool in anatomy and medical courses. For doctors already working in the professional medical industry, the app can still be helpful as a teaching tool. Doctors can use the app as a very detailed yet easy-to-use visual tool to help patients better understand their conditions and their health implications.

3D4Medical is available online, in the Apple App Store, and in the Google Play Store.

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5. eVisit

Cost: $600.00/month

Best For: Telemedicine

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a rise in patients needing telemedicine. eVisit is a telemedicine app that was designed by physicians for physicians. Both patients and their doctors download the app onto their mobile devices. Then, they can conduct video consultations through the app instead of the patient having to come into the doctor’s office. Telemedicine can help doctors to reach more patients who may not be able to attend an in-person exam. It can also help doctors to improve patient outcomes and experiences.

eVisit is available online, in the Apple App Store, and in the Google Play Store.

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