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The Pros and Cons of Using an EHR Scribe

Save time and energy for patients by hiring an EHR scribe
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Sep 20, 2021

While there are benefits to EHR systems, there can also be drawbacks. Some medical professionals find them difficult or time-consuming to use. Others feel that they create distance between the patient and the physician. But an EHR scribe may be able to solve those problems for medical professionals.

More and more physicians are using an EHR scribe to help by entering information into the EHR system. This can save medical professionals a lot of time and let them focus on what matters most: the patients. So what are the pros and cons of using an EHR scribe?


  • Save time
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve patient satisfaction


  • Uses resources
  • May require adjustments

Pros of Using an EHR Scribe

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For medical professionals who find EHR systems difficult or time-consuming to use, an EHR scribe can help to solve those problems. With an EHR scribe taking on the tasks of entering information into the EHR, doctors can focus their attention more on treating their patients.

An EHR Scribe Can Save Time

The task of entering information into the EHR system is an important one so that patient medical records are digital. However, it can take up precious time that physicians could be devoting to their patients instead. An EHR scribe can handle the EHR-related tasks instead, freeing up time for the doctor.

An EHR Scribe Can Increase Doctor Productivity

With more time available, medical professionals will be more productive. Many find they’re able to see more patients because they’re spending less time with the EHR. This is good news for any practice, as the more patients a doctor can see, the more successful that practice will be.

An EHR Scribe Can Improve Patient Satisfaction

Doctors aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the use of an EHR scribe. If a doctor can see more patients in a day, patients can get in for appointments more quickly. This can help to improve their health outcomes as well as their satisfaction with their physician. Plus, the doctor can be more focused on the patient during the exam.

Cons of Using an EHR Scribe

While there are benefits to using an EHR scribe, there are also some drawbacks. Hiring an EHR scribe is a change, which may require some adjustment.

An EHR Scribe May Take Resources

Adding any new staff member requires some adjustments. There’s the time and resources it takes to train the new hire. Plus, there’s the cost of paying the EHR scribe on top of the other staff.

An EHR Scribe May Require Adjustments

Unlike other new staff members, hiring an EHR scribe can require changes to your workflow. For many doctors, it’s a new position that their practice hadn’t had before. This means more adjustments than simply hiring a new employee for a pre-existing role. It may take some time and adjustments to figure out what works.

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