Urology Medical Billing Services

Increase your revenue by 7.5% & decrease your time in A/R with medical billing services tailored to Urologists, like you. We help practices of all shapes & sizes nationwide serve patients more profitably with first-in-class medical billing services.

Urology departments and practices play a critical role in the health of their patients. The specialized services offered by these businesses create unique complexities in the medical billing and coding process. At Quest National Services, we know that urology offices are busy catering to their patients. As such, it may be difficult for staff members to manage the intricacies of urology medical billing and coding.

Our team of urology billing and coding experts is highly-trained on these intricacies, as well as the evolving changes in requirements and regulations in the industry. We implement customized urology billing and coding solutions to reduce denials and delays while increasing reimbursement and profitability for our clients. Contact us today to discuss how we can improve your practice’s bottom line through exceptional urology billing and coding services.

Urology billing and coding is a complex and constantly changing process. Urology practices are faced with the need to confront declined payments and increase patient responsibility. In order to reduce operational costs and therefore increase profitability, urology offices must have top-notch medical billing and coding systems in place. It’s important for these practices to consider issues such as payer differences in infusion immunotherapy treatment, urodynamics, post-operative complications, and the like.

QuestNS provides a full range of urology billing and coding services, including, but not limited to:

  • Aggressive appeal and denial management
  • Coding reviews and audits
  • AR follow-up for balance management
  • Payment posting services
  • Cash flow and profitability projections
  • Patient payment acquisition

At Quest National Services, we pride ourselves in decreasing clearinghouse rejections and increasing revenue for our clients. We work diligently to ensure that urology medical billing and coding boosts a business’s bottom line instead of hinder it, as is the case when these services are poorly executed. Our team of urology billing and coding experts can increase your practice’s first-pass claim resolution rates to more than 90 percent. We do this by consistently optimizing and analyzing claims procedures so that our clients are paid first-pass rates, faster.

Urology Collection & Reimbursements

Our team can also increase your practice’s net collection rates as high as 99 percent through our impeccable submission and follow-up processes. We work tirelessly to ensure that radiology practices receive the claims they are due. Additionally, QuestNS can provide urology practices with increased reimbursements of up to 20 percent. We work to decrease outstanding and overdue revenue while increasing FPA.

QuestNS Assistance Advantage

At QuestNS, we understand that the goal of a urology office is to provide top-notch care for patients that are suffering from difficult urinary tract and male reproductive system conditions. Our goal is aligned with this, and we strive to clear away the mundane tasks in order to allow the medical experts to focus on the medical aspects of the practice. Our experts also work hard to ensure the highest degree of return from services performed so that practices can continue to function at optimal levels and offer patients the very best urological services.

Our Software

CollaborateMDEPICMediSoftNEXTGENIntergyKareoCareCloudAllScriptsGE CentricityMediTouchAdvancedMDeClinicalWorksOur Software Solution Brands for Medical Billing Services

Whether you’re on one of the many preferred systems shown above or are on another web-based solution – one of our consultants will be more than happy to discuss options of increasing your efficiency while decreasing your expenses. If you’re practice is in need of a new EMR or Practice Management/Billing Software, reach out to us today to take advantage of the discounts Quest National Services can bring to your practice.