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Why Choose a HIPAA-Compliant Medical Billing Company

Learn the benefits of outsourcing your medical billing and how it can help your bottom line
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Sep 4, 2023

HIPAA Compliance Is Our Priority

Working with a medical billing solution provider that is HIPAA compliant is of utmost importance to you as a practice owner. The implications of not working in a HIPAA-compliant manner can impact your cash flow, and your practice, and can potentially shut down a practice if not done properly.

How Quest National Services Stays HIPAA Compliant

We want to make sure that all practices are staying compliant and are out of willful neglect and are doing regular and consistent security risk assessments to ensure their compliance. We, ourselves, utilize a solution provider that assists us through the process of maintaining our compliance.

How Do We Want Our Clients To Stay HIPAA Compliant?

We recommend our clients do the exact same thing to avoid hefty fines and potential litigation.

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