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8 Directories to List Your Medical Practice on

Make it easier for patients to find your practice
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Jun 21, 2021

People are increasingly turning to the Internet to shop around to find the best price and read reviews on everything from restaurants to movies to haircuts. Health care isn’t exempt from this. Before visiting a doctor, people want to know what to expect and online reviews help them do that. People also find doctors in the first place by looking in online directories.

Here are 8 directories that you should list your practice on in order to be more easily found by prospective patients.

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1. BetterDoctor

BetterDoctor isn’t an online database where patients search themselves. Instead, BetterDoctor allows doctors to manage their information in one location. That information is then shared with multiple insurance providers. This helps to reduce accidental out-of-network appointments.

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2. Cured

Cured stands for Campaign Urging Research for Eosinophilic Disease, but their directory of medical practitioners includes a variety of different areas of specialty, from pediatrics to gastroenterology and immunology. The site also offers fitness, health, and nutrition information to patients.

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3. DocSpot

DocSpot is an online directory that takes its doctor profiles from over 600 different sources on the Internet. It’s frequently updated so that patients are accessing the most recent data.

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4. Doximity

Doximity is an online network that is driven by doctors. In fact, one in every four doctors has a presence on the site. The website is for doctors to manage their profiles, but there’s a mobile app with search features for patients that allows them to find doctors in their location with the specialty that they need.

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5. EZDoctor

EZDoctor is a directory that allows patients to search for doctors by:

  • Location
    • City
    • State
    • Zip code
  • Medical specialty
  • Last name
  • Appointment availability

EZDoctor also includes reviews from real patients and also compiles reviews from other medical review sites so that patients can read up on prospective doctors before they book an appointment.

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6. Google My Business

Google My Business isn’t a medical directory, but it’s incredibly important for getting found on the Internet. When someone searches for your practice’s name, the information Google provides is pulled from Google My Business. Other medical databases may use that data as well. If you create a Google My Business profile, you can claim any information Google already has on your practice and manage your profile.

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7. Healthgrades

Healthgrades is an online database of doctors that is very popular with patients. The site has around 30 million visitors every month. Healthgrades pulls its information about the doctors in its database from public registries and then offers a search feature to patients so that they can find a doctor near them that meets their criteria, including location, availability, and insurance.

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8. Wellness

Wellness is a popular health website that also includes a directory of medical practitioners. The site takes its information about individual providers from public online sources and then uses its search functionality to connect patients with the right physician.

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