Support Patients through Technology Transitions for Greater Satisfaction

There have been many exciting changes in the healthcare field in recent years that have been fueled by technology. While it is easy for doctors to see how things like EHRs and medical billing software can improve patient outcomes, billing accuracy, and engagement, patients might not totally understand the changes. As such, it is important […]

How Can EHRs Improve the Quality of Care?

Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, give physicians an easy-to-follow snapshot of a patient’s health history. Systems also make recommendations and offer reminders based on specific details of each patient’s record. Additionally, EHRs can be viewed by patients, enabling patients to take a more proactive approach to their own care. There are many ways that EHRs […]

4 Ways to Increase Patient Engagement Using Technology

It is no secret that increased patient engagement can lead to better overall care and more effective treatment. When patients take a proactive role in maintaining their own health and well being, it can make it easier for physicians to collaborate on care and can lower the costs of care. By focusing on ways to […]

The Growing Age of Cloud-Based EMR Software

Companies are increasingly using technology to change the landscape of the healthcare industry. Physicians and other healthcare providers have recently begun to adopt new technologies en masse to increase their efficacy in treating patients and improve the quality of care. A company in Australia has created a new electronic medical records (EMR) software platform known […]

EMR and the Doctor-Patient Relationship

In an in age of increasingly complex technology, the doctor-patient relationship has evolved in certain ways. Electronic health records (EHRs) also known as electronic medical records (EMRs) have become instrumental by increasing efficiency through saving doctors time while increasing the quality of care that each patient receives. Not only do EMRs streamline the management and […]

What’s the Difference between EMR Software and EHR Software?

As healthcare evolves and improves with technology, both patients and care providers look for better ways to prevent and diagnose illness, and to identify and reduce health risks. Maintaining and reviewing health records is the way to accomplish this, but paper records are the method of the past. Electronic records have a foot planted firmly […]

EMR and Mental Health

A recent study released in The International Journal of Medical Informatics suggests that the inclusion of a psychiatric patient’s psychiatric records within their electronic medical record can result in a decreased likelihood of their re-admittance to a hospital following discharge. Within the scope of the study, the researchers concluded that psychiatric patients were 40 percent […]

Universal EMR Implementation in Taiwan

In the United States, current regulations and incentives have been put in place to pave the way for more widespread usage of EMR technology. In a perfect world, this will eventually lead to universal compliance by medical professionals and a streamlined system that improves patients’ care, while at the same time allowing medical professionals to […]

EMR Software: Domestic & Abroad

EMR Software: Domestic and Abroad Though there was a time when patients and doctors were weary of such things, many people are growing accustomed to the electronic storage of their medical records. Multiple studies across Europe and North America have shown that on both continents, EMRs are much more commonplace. The Commonwealth Fund recently released […]